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Onsite Chair Massage

Benefits of Chair Massage

For the Employee:

Chair massage can provide an array of benefits to you personally, not

only physically, but mentally and emotionally as well. Here are a few

benefits you can enjoy from regular massage:

Relieve physical and emotional stress

Lower anxiety

Increase circulation

Reduce muscle fatigue

Increase neuromuscular activity

Boost your immune system

Lower your blood pressure

Increase energy and stamina

Decrease repetitive stress disorders

Encourage better posture and ergonomics

For the Company:

On‐site Corporate Chair massage can:

Increase morale and company pride

Reduce stress and promote health

Reinforce the message that you value the health and

wellbeing of the employees

Create an atmosphere of camaraderie, trust and loyalty

Reward performance

Reduce sick time and absenteeism

Attract and retain top‐quality employees

Reduce employee turnover

Increase accuracy, problem solving and creative thinking

Improve job satisfaction


Additional discounts for other massage services will be given to all

employees of the contracted corporation.

Corporate Chair Massage

There is a minimum of a one hour time frame for corporate chair massages per therapist.
Massages can be scheduled in increments of 5-10-15 minutes. 
Call or text for rates

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